About Us

Mission Statement:

Students Organizing for Sustainability, or SOS, is a student-founded and student-run organization on the Georgia Tech campus that is dedicated to the promotion of environmental and economically sustainable practices in our community and on our campus.

Current Projects:

Some of the projects and initiatives we are involved include the Organic Community Garden by the Instructional Center, Game Day Recycling Volunteering, tree planting with Trees Atlanta, and Georgia Tech Earth Day Celebrations. We are also establishing new projects related to on-campus recycling and composting, energy and water conservation.

Meetings and Involvement:

Membership is open to all students and staff interested in sustainability.  All meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend. We meet about once a month, and have separate meetings that are specific to task-forces, committees or projects. All relevant meeting times are summarized in our events calendar.

During meetings, we discuss and plan out current and future initiatives and projects, and also sometimes hold movie showings or speaker presentations about various issues related to environmentalism and sustainability.