April Monthly 2020


  • Up with the White & Gold (4/20/20): We are very proud to accept Burdell's Best Collaborative Event for our Fall 2019 Green Meeting! Thank you to all on-campus sustainability organizations and leaders who participated, we look forward to many more partnerships and collaborations.
  • 50th Anniversary of Earth Day (4/22/20):
    • To celebrate 50 years since the very first Earth Day celebration and demonstrate how you can live more sustainably everyday, a few Georgia Tech students, who are SOS members, created this video.
    • Check out this video on properly disposing of certain materials by Anna Gardner, President of Greek Sustainability. Happy Earth Day!
  • A few SOS members have created a Summer Sustainability Book Club! If you are interested to learn more and/or participate, click here.


  • Fridays for Future #DigitalStrike (3/20/20-): Due to COVID-19 concerns, we have moved to an online platform to allow for students (and faculty) to participate in an online series for demanding climate action. The simple steps to participate are listed above under the "Committees Update."
  • Spring 2020 Virtual Green Meeting (4/8/20): Our first, and unfortunately the last [due to COVID-19], speaker series for the semester featured Emma Brodzik from the Office of Recycling & Solid Waste Management. With an estimated attendance of about 27 people and plenty of vegan donuts, we were glad to see students eager to learn about the recycling process on campus!
  • Eco-Warriors Meeting (4/9/20): The climate action committee continued meeting to discuss future plans and possibilities for on-campus sustainability initiatives and the future of the committee.
  • SOS-Earth Week Series (4/13/20-4/18/20): To celebrate online Earth Week, we created a set of virtual Instagram stories to educate students on various topics on how to create more sustainable habits. You may view the stories on our Instagram story highlight "Earth Week."
    • Day 1: How does Diet impact the Environment?
    • Day 2: Refusing and Reducing Plastic Use
    • Day 3: Reuse and Recycle
    • Day 4: About Food Waste...
    • Day 5: Climate Action!
    • Weekend: De-Stress and Garden!
  • SOS Virtual Elections (4/16/20): Our final event of the semester featured our virtual elections for the 2020-21 academic year. Below is the list of positions, filled and vacant.
    • President: Thiago Esslinger
    • VP of Community Outreach: Alison Ecker
    • VP of Student Projects: Miriam Campbell
    • VP of Graduate Student Affairs: Matthew Falcone 
      • Pilot position for the following semester
    • Garden Director: Camille Butkus
    • Secretary: VACANT
    • Treasurer: VACANT

We hope you have a great summer despite the unusual circumstances, and feel free to message us at sosgeorgiatech@gmail.com with any questions you have about sustainability on campus, or SOS in general!

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