Black Lives Matter

SOS Statement from 3 June 2020:

Our society has long suffered from racial injustice and inequity, a sentiment recently expressed in the Black Lives Matter protests across the country and the globe. Although we often associate sustainability primarily with the environment, addressing the systemic oppression of minority and low-income populations is also fundamental to the concept. We must listen to and amplify those same voices which are often unheard and ignored. 

Students Organizing for Sustainability at Georgia Tech would like to offer its support during these difficult times. We are here for you, we stand with you in the pursuit of justice, and we want all of you to feel comfortable reaching out if you ever need anything. For those of you who are looking for ways to help, we have included a list of resources below. Please feel free to send us any additional information and correct any misinformation. 


With love, SOS

BLM Resources